Customer Testimonials

Frequency Electric, Inc. installed my panel / inverter / grid
interconnect system.  The resulting job was so good, professional and airtight that the
electrical inspectors made actual "ooh" and "ahh" noises. (Yes, it
looked good to me, too, but I didn't expect the inspectors to go from
bored to gushing as they rounded the side of the house.) They
actually said, "we need to look this over because the rules say so,
but just walking up, you can tell this was done by top quality
professionals." I wish I'd taped it.

Frequency Electric provides good communication, as well as competence.
 Don Stewart responds to calls himself, and answers questions
thoughtfully and fully. He and his people have decades of experience
in electrical work, much of it on an industrial / high power line
scale. They are very well equipped for all sorts of mounting and
connection issues, including drills that cut through a foot and a half
of foundation stone like butter, for connecting to the main panel. Don
knows procedures and regulations cold, and he sticks to them. In my
case, that included tracking down a sort of sheathed cable / wire
specified in the interconnection regulations. The wire used to be
commonly available, but had recently become rare enough that there was
none left in Allegheny County (or Beaver, or Butler). Frequency
Electric tracked down a source in Ohio so the installation could be
completed as planned. Beyond his technical know-how, his encyclopedic
knowledge of parts and his impressive selection of tools, Don
understands the implications of what he's doing for the grid and for
the nation's energy infrastructure. He also has good design sense, as
far as picking the location and the routing of parts so that
everything is conveniently placed yet unobtrusive. I have nothing but
praise for Frequency Electric and Don Stewart.

Joy Sabl

Pittsburgh, PA