Frequency Electric, Inc. - A Complete RF & Electrical Systems Contractor


In order to achieve maximum performance and keep consumption low, you need professional advice and solutions for your electrical needs. 


We specialize in:

Sustainable Alternative Energy Solutions

PV (Photovoltaic) Trained & Certified in Grid Tied Systems

LED Lighting Installation

Distributor, Supplier & Installer of Enviroment Friendly Solar~Wind Combination Lighting where electricity is unavailable


You can't afford not to change to LED Lighting. Frequency Electric can show you the savings that you realize on your first electric bill, and beyond. The savings goes to your bottomline and increases your value to your customers. We will show you a detailed chart of energy savings you will receive from the first day you change over. In addition, all our LED's are "MADE IN THE USA".....more



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                            THE FUTURE IS WIND & SOLAR


Our Company


We are a licensed, insured, bonded, woman owned company, established 2006.

Our combined 70 years of electrical experience and strong background in construction safety and constantly striving for excellance, provides our clients with unique advantages that our competitors cannot offer.





Frequency Electric Offers a Variety of Services:


Lightning Protection Systems

Site Excavation & Access roads

Emergency Generator Systems   more